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A Graphic designer from Dublin, Ireland with a BA Bachelor degree in visual communication studied in The National College Of Art & Design.

I currently work as a Digital Designer at Verve The Live Agency. My work at Verve involves working with various Clients creating campaigns, live events, and advertisements through motion graphics, digital design, and print.

My work brings visions to life by identifying problems using my skills as a tool for communicating the multi-dimensional experience of place, product, service, and/or personality in every imaginable context. I am inquisitive, and open-minded, and approach every new project with a deep curiosity, free from any preconceived ideas. 

Specializing in Motion Graphics, Digital Design, Design for web and Print. Advertising, branding, book design, typography, Iconography and editorial work.

My work has been exhibited with The Hensteeth Studio, EPIC Museum, Typosters, OpenCollab, Love for Moria and The Scoop Art Foundation.

Please contact me to hear more about the projects I've worked on in more detail. 

Always open to collaboration on new projects.

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